For students

For students


A career at Ericsson Nikola Tesla, as an associated company of the Ericsson Group, offers an excellent working environment and oustanding possibilities for a successful future. It is achieved through professional and personal development in a truly global organization, which not only has access to recent technologies, but takes part in creating them, as well.

To maintain the competitive advantage, the company pays full attention to develop highly technological, innovative organizational culture, invest in research and development centers of expertise, as well as into competences and talents who are being offered opportunities to be engaged in challenging projects.

In addition, for several consecutive years, the company continues to achieve a successful scientific, research and development, and educational collaboration with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, of the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture of the University of Split, Technical Faculty of the University of Rijeka and other related faculties. Thus, the Company creates prerequisites for its future, the future of the students involved, as well as the future of the Croatian society as a whole.

One of the most significant collaboration projects with the scientific and research community, is Ericsson Nikola Tesla Summer Camp, established in 2001 in collaboration with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of the University of Zagreb. Afterwards, the project was extended to all Croatian faculties of electrical engineering and computing and the faculties in the region, as well. Over the years, since its establishment, several hundreds of top students attended this Camp. Those top students, who were supported by the company's mentors and the institutions that are the company’s partners, realized several hundreds of projects. 

The quality of collaboration with students, potential future company employees, and the Summer Camp projects itself, has been further confirmed by the Golden Index Awards for the Summer Camp project, and for the company with the best image, according to students. Ericsson Nikola Tesla was also granted the Golden Prix in the category of large companies, as the company with the most Golden Indexes won. The Company won the Golden Index Award several years in a row, and the satisfaction is even greater, as the decision was made by the students themselves, i.e. the commission established by the University of Zagreb student associations, at the initiative of the eSTUDENT association.

Furthermore, in 2012, the National Fund for Supporting Pupils’ and Students’ Standard granted Ericsson Nikola Tesla recognition for an exceptional contribution to promoting pupils’ and students’ standard in the Republic of Croatia.

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