Ericsson Nikola Tesla Publications

Ericsson Nikola Tesla regularly publishes Komunikacije journal and the company’s Annual Report. On the occasion of 60th anniversary of the Company’s business operations, a monograph was published, and for 40 years we published a trade journal.

  • "Komunikacije" (HR) is a journal intended for Ericsson Nikola Tesla’s employees, customers, business partners and retired employees.
  • Ericsson Nikola Tesla Group’s Annual Report, consists of General and Social Report as well as Financial Statements.
  • A detailed monograph (HR) was published to mark the 60th anniversary of the Company, which has undergone a long development path and owing to its connection with Ericsson has always been on the cutting edge of technology on a global level.
  • Revija (HR) is the last title of a trade journal which continued the tradition established by Elektrokomunikacije journal, launched in 1972, which was succeeded by NT Revija journal and eventually replaced by Revija journal. The speed of changes in technology and the availability of broadband Internet access have made such printed means of communication with experts too slow, so the last issue of Revija was published in 2012.

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